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James Dunn - B2S
Mike Kras - B2S
Ike Carter - MXY2


Team Owner / Manager: Bob Buchanan
Team Manager/Engine builder Ton van Grinsven
Press / PR Officer / Photography: Richard Blyth
Technicians: Ade Phelpstead, Ton van Grinsven,

About the Team

European and British Two stroke only team
Changed to KTM for the 2017 season


5 overall wins at Gps in EMX300 .Matterley, Lommel, Loket, Talevera x2 and 9 other podium finishes
Two third place EMX300 championship finishes


KTM Factory and UK, O’Neal-EU, Putoline UK, DEP Pipes, Goggle-Shop, Decade Europe, SpiralGfx, Freestyle Extreme/ West Coast Choppers/ Jesse James, Samco Sport/ Racebike Bits, Dunlop. MGMX, DT-1 Filters, Boyesen, Wossenor, WP and KAS suspension


Bob Buchanan -

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