Bradshaw's back!

23 March 2017

Go Back Former MX2 title contender Nev Bradshaw, who retired from pro racing in 2016, has been spotted tearing up the track on a 2002 CR250 as he prepares for the opening round of the ACU British Two-stroke Championship at Canada Heights on April 30.

ďIím going to do the full ACU series on the Honda,Ē he said, ďbut Iím just looking to enjoy myself racing with Lewis Gregory and those boys again Ė itís not like Iím buying a new Husqvarna or KTM to go try and win it. Iím just there because I still enjoy racing and I know itís at good tracks.

ďFor sure I want to win but I know the possibility is slim when youíre racing against bikes that have just been developed on something thatís 15 years old.

"Iím still going to give it a go and from when the gate drops to the chequered flag Iíll be giving 100 per cent which is something I really miss in my life at the minute Ė that feeling of finishing a moto and being content with yourself.Ē

Nev, who runs his own 272 Race School, was a frustrated spectator at the opening round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship at Culham.

ďIt was tough watching and I really struggled,Ē he added. ďI spent the whole of the next week pretty bummed on it but itís just something Iíve got to accept.

ďWe canít race motorbikes forever unfortunately and Iíve started a new chapter in my life helping the boys out, bringing them on and trying to help them have good careers like I did. Itís just going to take a bit of time to accept it and Iím lucky that I can still do this sort of thing just to stay happy."

Picture © Matthew Rudd Photography

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