Engine measuring will now be the norm!

15 June 2010

Following a meeting last month between the Series Promoter, ACU Events Ltd and Representatives from the Teams involved in the Championship, it was agreed that at least one MX2 machine will randomly be measured after each of the remaining rounds of the year.

At the Lyng round on Sunday, it was the DB Honda machine of Elliot Banks- Browne who was measured by the ACU's Chief Motocross Technical Official, Terry Brown. Subsequently, the results have been announced and, as expected. the machine was within the cc limit.

Our picture shows EBB on his way to an overall fifth position at the event.

The method for selecting the rider / team is quite simple and effective. After the meeting with the Stewards, Race Director, Clerk of the Course and Series Manager at 8am on Sunday morning, the Race Director selects a number from one to twelve, which corresponds to a qualifying position from the fastest 12 in Q2. Obviously, at that time, no one knows who will be holding that position, so the draw is completely impartial. The number is then put in a sealed envelope and it is on view in the window of the Race Control unit until the Waiting Zone closes for the final MX2 race of the day, when the Chief Technical Officer opens the envelope and corresponds the number with the rider who finished in that position in the Superpole session - simple. That machine is then marked immediately it finishes the race and the mechanic asked to strip the machine, which can then be measured the same day.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, " Personally, I don't believe teams are abusing the system and I will be surprised if a machine is found to be oversize, but we want to ensure a level playing field. The balloting system we have devised is simple and effective, but after a couple of rounds we may select a "reserve rider" as we do not wish to target the same rider twice in a row.