13 June 2010

Early morning drama in MX2 qualifying as provisional pole sitter from the Q1 session Zach Osborne made a small mistake in the Q2 Superpole session and dropped down to eleventh. His main title contender, Jake Nicholls could not capitalise on the Americans mistake and dropped from 2nd to 3rd choice on the gate.

In the midst of all of this drama, it was Bryan MacKenzie, now Kawasaki mounted who gained the most, leaping from fourth in Q1 to take his first pole of the season, just a quarter of a second ahead of Martin Barr, who also put in a scorching lap, to leap from 6th in Q1 to eventually take the 2nd Superpole spot to enable him to maintain the challenge to the two GP stars when the gate drops at 12.15pm this afternoon.
Commenting on his top spot Bryan Mac said, ďI just didnít hit the berms too hard and when I finished the lap I heard the Commentator say Pole for McKenzie. I canít say this is my favourite circuit, but that is a good start to the dayĒ

The top qualifiers are; Bryan Mackenzie, Barr, Nicholls, Keet, Karro, Banks Browne, Bradshaw, Pocock, Whatley, Elderfield, now back in the MX2 class, Osborne and Rose.

A different story in MX1 though, with our current championship leader, Russian missile, Evgeny Bobreshev finishing a massive three seconds faster than anyone in Q2, which current champion, Brad Anderson managed to reduce to just under half a second in the Superpole at the expense of Jason Dougan who slipped from a provisional Q1 second to fifth choice of gate position this afternoon. Other improvers from Q1 to Q2 were Stephen Sword, currently second in the championship from 4th to 3rd, Jamie Law from 11th to 9th and Alex Snow whose lap time of 2.06 moved him up from 12th to 7th.

Top positions from the Superpole are; Bobreshev, Anderson, Sword, Swanepoel, Dougan, Lamay, Snow, Parker, Nunn, Krestinov, Law and Noble.

Current top Privateer, Gordon Crockard just missed the Q2 cut, finishing 13th in Q1.

The MXY2 Youth class are currently in their qualifying session, which we hope to report later.

The weather is dull and dry and the forecast is for very light rain later in the day. We are pleased to have cool conditions as we expect the action to be hot!