Lyng circuit dry and the forecast is good.

12 June 2010

All roads now lead to the sleepy village of Lyng in Norfolk for the fourth round of the series which takes place tomorrow. Heavy rain earlier in the week did a good job to getting water in the deep sand, but today, after warm mid day sunshine the Norwich Vikings MCC have watered the circuit heavily for the race tomorrow.

Our picture, taken at 3pm this afternoon, shows one of the many loads of fresh water being distributed on the start straight which will be soaked in readiness for the eight championship races which start at 12.15pm tomorrow.

For the first time this season, several riders experienced problems at Technical Control with excessive noise. Many eventually passed, but a few will be anxious when Technical Control opens again at 7.30am on Sunday morning.

Another first will be the MX2 class taking to the track first at 9am for their qualifying session - and the subsequent Superpole, ahead of the MX1 class. These will be followed by the all important MXY2 (youth) class who will be visiting Cadders Hill for the first time.

Back to the circuit, and the high standard of preparation will ensure some first class racing and overtaking lines are sure to develop when the deep sand - probably deeper in some places than in previous years, will become very rough.

There is still time to make the journey to Norfolk where the circuit is situated close to the A47 Trunk road for the first of eight championship races which start at 12.15pm. We would welcome you there!