First report from Lyng circuit.

10 June 2010

Our picture shows the Cadders Hill circuit late this afternoon as members of the Norwich Vikings Club put the final touches to the track ahead of round four of the championship on Sunday. The circuit was ripped very deep, deeper than ever before in fact, about two weeks ago ahead of some very heavy rain which has soaked in. This afternoon as the ACUE team erected the TV camera towers and started the bannering procedure, the whole track was graded and looks like a snooker table!

Every single stake around the circuit has been removed, repainted and painstakingly replaced with a rope line (including around the corners) and even the stake height has been measured to ensure they are all the same.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins, who also arrived on site today met with members of the club and congratulated them on the track preparation. Commenting to MXGB, Higgins stated, " Since the club won the "Best Organiser Award" in 2008 we have been used to high standards at Cadders Hill and I wasn't disappointed today. More rain is expected overnight tonight and the ground will take it adequately and with dry weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday I am confident of it being in prime condition for qualifying and racing. I expect it will get rough very quickly, possibly rougher than ever before, which should make more lines develope, so I am sure race fans will be in for a special day".

We will file another report on Saturday as the teams arrive. Full details of the event can be found in the news and round four section of this website.