Fresh challenge for MXY2 riders at Lyng

27 May 2010

The Lyng event in two weeks time will open up a fresh challenge for the countries top Youth riders who will take to the Cadders Hill circuit for the first time in anger. Although this event is round four for the MX1 and MX2 classes, the all important Youth class have only visited Mallory Park so far this year and that was back in March. The well prepared track at Lyng with its deep sand will get extremely rough when the forty riders take to the circuit for their timed qualiying session on June 13th.

The circuit has not been used for a major Youth championship event in the past and the go ahead Norwich Vikings MCC are pleased to welcome the riders to their circuit. Going into the round, Bradley Pocock currently leads the championship with a second place and a win at the opening round. Whilst he hasn't been able to repeat his success in the seven round BYMX series (the other premier youth championship promoted by the ACU) the Sussex rider will be keen to extend his lead over Team Green's Connor Walkley who scored a 3-3 at Mallory Park. Jake Shipton has shown he has the speed by winning the opening moto back in March, but was unable to follow this up with a high scoring second race, which put him behind Matt Bayliss in the standings.

Joe Jones, James Dunn, Gary Sharp and sand specialist Tom Kelly (who recorded a maximum on the deep sand at Mepal last weekend) complete the top eight, with Damon Wales and Luke Norris heading off an injured Ryan Houghton.

The MXY2 class will have two races at the event after a full timed qualifying session in the morning.