Report from Mallory Park Team

16 March 2010

The crew from ACU Events are busy at Mallory Park extending and preparing the track for round two of the championship this weekend. Working together with the circuit owners and the circuit leaseholder, Rob Wainwright, the track is having an extra loop added in the middle and a new rythym section at the top end of the course.

The spectator area is being enlarged considerably with access virtually the whole way round the outside, plus an area in the centre of the circuit for all round viewing. The extra loop is being inserted after the "wooded horseshoe" section which is designed for overtaking manouvres.

Race Director, John Percival and Clerk of the Course, Chris Warren, have been on site since Monday ensuring the work is to Championship standard and with the weather forecast showing mostly dry weather in the area, leading up to the the weekend, track watering is a distinct possibility.

Fans who visit the event at the weekend will also have the chance to view a Club Road Race organised by the New Era MCC on the tarmac circuit which will have free transfer.

The map shows the revised layout for the event on Sunday.