Three race format voted a success!

05 March 2010

The bold decision by the Promoters of the series, ACU Events, to change the format to a three moto per class in MX1 and MX2 has been voted a success by fans and now teams alike. Originally, some teams were very sceptical of the decision, citing costs, water for power washing and the allocated time between races as potential problems.

However, after the opening round at Little Silver ran smoothly the ACU has received many comments from spectators voting the new shorter races as a real boost in terms of value for money. The riders also have a potential to earn 50% more than last season, with 1,200 being a potential pay day and thats before the teams' bonus systems kick in.

Steve James (pictured) of the Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki team, who was originally strongly against the proposed format, called the Series Manager on Monday to express his pleasure of the new shorter motos and included the Q2 "superpole" in his praise. "I have to admit I was against the idea from the outset, but now having witnessed the event first hand, I have to say it works" explained the Team owner.

For many race fans who do not have a copy of the Championship regulations, the Superpole may need explaining. Simplified, the top 12 riders from the original Q1 timed qualifying session are immediately sent to the waiting zone. Here, the fastest qualifier in Q1 has the choice of going anywhere bewteen position 1 and 12 on the track for Q2. The second person has the next choice and so on. Then, it is a completely clean sheet and the fastest out of the twelve Q2 riders will go to the gate first. It is as simple as that.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins, who instigated the idea was quick to comment, "Normally anywhere in the top 6 gate choice doesn't matter too much. Whilst the teams use Q1 to establish the fact their rider has the speed, they cannot lose too much in Q2 as the lowest they can finish is 12th. At Exeter, Tom Church went from first in Q1 to eigth in Q2, but over a season this will equal out".

The next round of the championship takes place at Mallory Park on March 21st.