MX2 accepts 250cc two-strokes!

20 June 2019

From next season 250cc two-strokes will be eligible for the MX2 class of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean.

The rule change follows a landmark decision by the ACU Motocross Committee after a positive meeting with team managers at the Blaxhall round of the championship earlier this month.

The ACU has allowed 250 two-strokes to race in the MX2 class since 2018 with the exception of the Maxxis championship and the new ruling brings Britain’s main domestic series into line with many other countries including Holland, Canada and Australia.

Verde Substance KTM’s Brad Anderson, a two-time EMX300 champion who is currently contesting the Maxxis MX1 class on a 250cc two-stroke, welcomed the decision.

“It’s good news for all two-stroke riders,” he said, “and I think you’ll get a lot more riders lining up. There’s definitely no advantage being on a 250 two-stroke against a 250 four-stroke – when the four-strokes are tuned they’re powerful bikes. Maybe some tracks will suit a two-stroke more but on other tracks it will be better to be on a four-stroke.

“To be fair we knew it was happening and I think everyone’s been waiting for it. It will make the racing more exciting in MX2 and will open the class up to riders who maybe can’t afford to keep a four-stroke going. I know at least five riders who will want to do it next year.”

ACU Motocross Chairman and Maxxis Race Director Steve McCauley explained the reasoning behind the rule change.

“Back in 2017 we introduced for 2018 a new ruling which allowed 250 two-stroke machines to have a choice of competing in either the MX1 or MX2 classes,” he said. “The exception to this was the Maxxis MX2 class – this was done to allow the MX committee to monitor this radical change and gain feedback and comment from industry teams and riders.

“Now two years down the line we feel the time is right to allow this to migrate into the main British championship. We shall of course monitor this and hopefully it will be successful. If for any reason there are unforeseen issues we will look at it again and make a balanced judgement.

“We firmly believe that we must try new ideas and progress the sport wherever possible. We also believe that by making and announcing our decisions a long time in advance it gives everyone fair notice to plan accordingly.”

The change to the ruling will not affect the Maxxis MX2 Youth class.

Picture © Imagerich Media