Shipton shapes up!

21 March 2019

Crescent Yamaha’s Jake Shipton is a man on a mission this season.

After breaking his back last year he raced just a handful of times but following a solid off-season he looked fit and fast at FatCat at the opening round of this year’s Maxxis ACU Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean.

A fall in the opening moto dropped the 25-year-old from Dorset to seventh in challenging conditions.

“In race one I got an all right start, got past a few and was behind Tommy [Searle] for about three or four laps getting filled in,” he said. “I started closing on fifth about 15 to 20 minutes into the race but stacked it on the back section – throttle, gloves, the lot was covered. I still managed seventh so I was okay with that.”

Second time out a collision with a riderless bike ended in a disaster but there’s no doubting his pace – or determination to get a good result.

“In moto two I got a decent start but in turn five a few guys came together and I was pinned around the outside in the wrong place. Mel Pocock’s bike came flying across and took me and few others down – it was a weird crash as my hand was trapped in the forks and both legs were stuck under the bike. Mel is one bad dude and lifted the bike off me which was mega. Even though I was so annoyed that cheered me up – I’ve got a lot of respect for Mel.

“I tried to continue but was riding so bad – something wasn’t right! I looked down and the front disc was shaped like a C! Bit extreme I know but it was bent and was locking the front wheel up which as a rider you’ll know isn’t good. So day done and a possible podium or top five out the window. I was really annoyed but it was out of my hands and I gave it my all so I’m using that as motivation.”

Following such a long lay-off the plan is to build as the season progresses with Jake putting in the hours behind the scenes.

“I’m already working hard with my trainer Justin Morris and getting stronger each time I’m on the bike. Hopefully you’ll see me in the results – near the top!”

Picture © Nuno Laranjeira