Mel moves up...

21 February 2019

A former MX2 title contender, Mel Pocock has switched teams and classes for 2019 and is hoping to show his ability on a 450 in the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean.

Twice a runner-up on a 250, the 26-year-old makes his big-bike debut this season for Lee Tolanís ASA United KTM team and, even if heís keeping his feet on the ground, the rapid redhead has to be considered a serious threat.

ďItís my first season on a 450 in MX1 for me,Ē said Mel. ďItís pretty much a full private team which is impressive. Iíve done about 20 hours on the bike and have never really trained on a 450 ever in my life Ė Iíve always been racing 250s.

ďI want to be sensible with the opening part of this season and be there for the full season. In the British championship, if I can put myself on that podium once or twice Iíll be chuffed to bits with that.Ē

After losing almost all of his right thumb four years ago his ability to hang on to a 450 has been questioned but Mel reckons the power delivery is actually an advantage.

ďObviously, everyone wants to know how the extra power is with my hand and itís somewhat easier. Itís got a lot of torque and a lot more brute power but Iím managing to use the power to do obstacles a bit easier than on my tuned 250 and Iím enjoying riding it.Ē

Picture © Nuno Laranjeira