Houghton aims for the podium

30 August 2018

Go Back Less than two seasons ago Ryan Houghton had put his racing career on the backburner as he focussed his attention on the family building business Ė but then a moment of clarity forced him to re-evaluate his priorities.

ďI just thought to myself Ďhow many people who can ride a bike like I can get the opportunity I have?í. After two years in an office I knew I didnít want to be doing that and if Iíve got until Iím 32 or 35 max to race a motocross bike Iím going to give it everything Iíve got. I want to be British champion and I 100 per cent believe I can.Ē

This season Ryanís riding for Rob Hooper Racing Yamaha. Currently sitting a solid sixth in the MX1 title chase, heís only 18 points behind Elliott Banks-Browne in fourth and while he hasnít made the podium yet this season heís confident that he has the pace needed.

ďA podiumís the goal and I would like to get one this year. I know itís a lot harder this season than it was last year but, still, my speedís there Ė I qualified third at Hawkstone, right on Jake Nichollsí pace Ė but youíve got to put it all together. I know I can do it Ė Iíve just got to be out of the gate well every single time.Ē

Picture © Nuno Laranjeira

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