Nicholls in pole position

23 August 2018

Go Back Currently leading the MX1 championship by a very healthy 39 points with two rounds to go, Buildbase Hondas Jake Nicholls is in pole position to take what, surprisingly, will be only his first Maxxis title.

Admittedly, Jake has spent a large slice of his career chasing GP glory and has also suffered more than his fair share of injuries which have combined to keep him from the top. Now, having stepped back from the world championship, the 28-year-old finally has that elusive crown almost within his reach.

I believe I can win the British title this year, he said. What I have got to do is just keep focussing on the races one by one and not get the championship in my head. If I can keep turning up aiming to have fun and ride my absolute hardest Ill be fine and I believe I can win it. When I ride my hardest I enjoy it, if I ride at 90 per cent I dont find it fun.

Jakes approach to racing this season is noticeably more laidback and a big factor in this is how at home he feels with Dave Thorpes team and also how well hes gelled with his CRF450R.

Im older, Ive had more time to think about things, I know a little bit more about setting a bike up and I know a little bit more about what I want but also the Honda from standard is a user-friendly bike.

I got on it and straight away it felt good. Ive known Mark Eastwood for years and I really wanted him to do my suspension. Hes a rider, he knows the chassis better than anyone. Ive got a user-friendly bike that I can pretty much ride anywhere and I dont get off it in pain after all my injuries.

Im sensitive my hands have been broken so many times that I do feel a lot compared perhaps to some people so its great to have a bike thats so nice to ride.

Picture Nuno Laranjeira

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