Josh Spinks Ė the late-bloomer!

19 July 2018

Go Back After years of chipping away at the top 10, Josh Spinks (M Smith KTM) is enjoying a break-through season and heads into the next round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean at Duns on July 29 holding down sixth in the MX2 class.

For the 25-year-old from Leicester itís been a rocky journey since he turned Pro at the end of 2010 with financial problems and injuries holding him back. However, motocross is a sport that calls for fortitude and Josh has got that by the bucketload.

ďI didnít get picked up by a team or never had the budget or wasnít surrounded by the right people from an early age,Ē he says. ďThatís something Iíve missed and itís taken me probably five years longer than it should have done to get my head around things and find something that works for me.Ē

Last time out at Desertmartin he scored a career-first Maxxis podium when he came home third overall. It was a long time coming and has only served to give him a taste for more.

ďIt was really tense in the second race because I had to pass Liam Knight on the last lap to get the podium. Iíd seen it on the pitboard and I got him halfway around the last lap which got me on the box. It was something Iíd been searching for for a long time. I felt like I was capable of it but it was linking it all together. It was nice to finally get that one done.

ďIím not really young but Iím not over the hill so I want to concentrate everything I do on racing and I want that to carry on. Iím a few years behind where I should be but I think I can be a regular on the podium and actually win some races. Iíve got it in my head that if I keep progressing, get a bit more budget and keep my head down I can fight for a British championship in the future. Thatís what I want to aim for.Ē

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